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About So Simple, Yet....

My name is Morgan! I’m the creator of So Simple, Yet…. A fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel blog! I’m in love with this amazing world we live in and share all of my inspiration and discoveries here! I thought I’d share a few of the most commonly asked questions I get so we could get to know each other more!

Why fashion?

I have always loved fashion and even went to college thinking I would major in fashion design. I quickly realized my passion wasn’t in the actual design as much as the clothes! I always used to joke that I really just wanted to go shopping! 😛 Little did I know that blogging existed! I met with a local blogger one day and as she told me all about the world of blogging and I finally realized… this is it!! What I’ve been searching for! I love mixing and matching different designs, designers, patterns, and fabrics and hope to inspire you to do the same in your wardrobe! It’s so fun to learn and express who you are through fashion!

What else do you do?

In addition to being a blogger, I also own my own esthetics business and am a certified Pilates instructor. I have always loved having a few different areas that I’m passionate about and I use this platform to share with people the importance of health and well-being as well as the benefits of Pilates and the importance of skin care (I’m completely skin care obsessed!!). We only get one body and it’s so important to take care of it and so amazing to realize it’s potential!

Are you a personal shopper?

This is kind of a yes and no question. I don’t do any personal shopping for individual clients but I do have shop-able tabs on my site where you can purchase all of the latest wears, home goods, and gift items! I update them regularly depending on new releases/ huge sales/ and times of year (Christmas gift tabs are always a life savor for present ideas!). I always link the items I’ve purchased myself (including ones that haven’t been showcased yet but are coming soon, so it’s a really great feature to get first dibs on items that often times sell out fast!)

What is your favorite clothing item?

So, anyone who knows me knows my deep LOVE for pajama sets! I LIVE for pajama sets! (and I have a whole tab dedicated to them!) As soon as I’m home… I’m in my pajamas, even if it’s the middle of the afternoon and I have to change back into real clothing again before going back out! I’m not talking sweats (though those are pretty great too 😛 ) But soft cotton sets that are cute and make you feel pulled together, are cool to the touch, and just make you feel like the weight of the world has instantly left! If you don’t currently have pajama sets, this needs to happen in your life, now! I also love sweaters! I’m always cold so I usually have a sweater or oversized cardigan nearby. There is nothing worse than being cold in my books! I’ll take sweating over shivering any day!

All my love!

Morgan Sylvia
Thank you for adventuring with me!