I have a confession to make… I am completely coffee and wine obsessed! Anyone else with me?! I started drinking coffee when I was in high school (think Gilmore Girls amounts of coffee) and I haven’t slowed down since! After becoming a mother, I soon began my romance with red wines (can I get an Amen from all the mommas out there?!)  I adore everything about both coffee and wine, well, except for the fact that over time I have started to see a noticeable difference on my teeth! (and not in a good way). In high school I tried whitening strips for the first time but could only use them once before my teeth were in absolute agony! I couldn’t believe how sensitive they were to everything! I even had to give up coffee for a few days (talk about torture!)!I talked to my dentist about a whitening treatment, but was told that if I had severe sensitivity to the stripsthat the treatment would be just as bad! (And that was enough to make me forget about whitening all together!) But it was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to do a whitening treatment. So, when I heard of Smile Brilliant teeth whitening I was so excited! One of the first things that stood out to me was how they addressed this sensitivity right away by stating that they had a formula which was made for sensitive teeth. Immediately that grabbed my attention and I knew this wasn’t just going to be your average run of the mill whitening treatment.

Another fun fact about me….I am extremely skeptical of everything! This comes from working in the skin care industry and going through so much product use/ trial/ and training! I automatically assume that everything is just hype and never really think it’ll deliver the results it promises. (so everything has to prove itself to me). So, as you guessed, my thoughts on Smile Brilliant were just the same. So, the first thing I did when researching Smile Brilliant was…. I reached out to a few of my favorite blogger babes because I’ve learned personal accounts are always the best! And y’all, they couldn’t rave enough about their experiences with the company or the product! And I am here to tell y’all I am right on board with them!! I simply can’t rave enough about it!

My teeth are extremely sensitive and so I honestly couldn’t use the whitening treatment every day/night but I couldn’t believe how frequently I could use it!I liked that Smile Brilliant included tips for sensitivity and how you could ease your way into using the treatment.  I was in absolute agony after I tried the whitening strips in the past and was so amazed that I had no sensitivity at all  while using Smile Brilliant (with the treatments spaced out). Even extreme hot or cold items didn’t hurt! (which was perfect! I didn’t have to give up my hot coffee!!)

It took me a week to figure out the best way for me to use my whitening treatment. I initially tried to use it at night, but I sit down late at night with my glass of red wine and wasn’t willing to give that up or to stay up past my bed time to do my whitening. So, I found that during the day, as I was running errands or cleaning/ doing work was the perfect time for my at home treatments I love that the trays the whitening gel goes in are clear because I could run around and still be whitening! And y’all I absolutely loved making the imprints for my trays it was so fun!! You will absolutely love your experience!And I am here to say, this is the perfect whitening treatment for those with sensitive teeth like me!! Finally!!

Happy teeth whitening loves!!