One of my favorite things during the summer, are the summer rainstorms! In the South, the rain can set in quickly and be a welcome reprieve from the overwhelming summer heat, ’cause it gets…. HOT!! There’s nothing quite like being caught up in a summer storm! It quickly forces you to stop, slow down, and just enjoy where you are! Everything Β seems to stop and slow down and every little detail becomes so alive…. the smell of the concrete, the grass, the size of the raindrops, the sound of the storms, the people around you, and the excitement of the little ones at such a big production!

E loves a summer storm too!! He always rushes to the door ready to run outside and jump in puddles!

I also love how the storms can take away the sting of the heat and I find that nothing goes better with a quick cooling down than a fresh cup of cafe au lait!!

And on a lazy day when I know a thunderstorm is right around the corner, one of my favorite places, La Farm bakery in North Carolina, is my absolute favorite place to find myself! The cafe is so quaint and is set up in every way like a quiet little cafe you’d find in France! There are rustic details everywhere, exposed brick, cafe tables with chairs set up to view passerby’s and of course the best fresh baked bread in the entire state! Anyone who comes here is met immediately with the popularity of the little cafe (sometime’s there’s a line out the door) but also the most amazing hospitality and of course, samples! (I mean who doesn’t love eating their way through to the front of the line πŸ˜‰ ) You can’t help but feel at home in such a welcoming and cozy environment!

Their almond croissants are by far my favorite, but every baked good is just as delicious as the last!

E’s favorite way to enjoy the quick cooling is a summer soak ;-P !! And of course a little treat from our favorite Boulangerie!

Whenever there’s a summer storm, I always wear my coziest denim and a longer sleeved top to make up for the quick cooling of the summer rain! This step hem denim is my go to right now it’s so soft and I love the raw step hems! I’m also in love with this off the shoulder top! Rose quartz colored tops are so big right now, and I am absolutely in love!! The color is so flattering on everyone! And these loafers are by far my favorite flats right now and under $40!! I wear them all the time!! They are so comfortable and I get stopped all the time by people asking where they’re from!!

Happy summer loves!!